As part of the service I will also alternate lights, water plants, pick up your mail and newspaper, etc. I usually pick up a spare key at this time. The key will be labeled with my own identifiable security code and kept in a fireproof lock box in my office and returned when you come home. No names or addresses will be put on the key for liability issues.

Step 3- Service Confirmation

After the interview I will send you a confirmation of all the scheduled visits you requested.  Please look them over to make sure we are all on the same page.I will also call or text you a day in advance before I am scheduled to work. During the visits I will be sending photos and brief texts of how each visit went in order to ease any anxiety about your pets care.

Step 2- Initial Intake Interview

Once we schedule the meeting, you will receive an email containing my forms in a editable pdf so I can gather as much of your pets’ information as possible (Feeding time, Veterinarian Release Form, Special Diets or Medicines, Key /Garage Door Opener and any entryway security codes) so I can be as prepared about the services needed beforehand. However, if you are too busy I will just fill it out during the initial meeting with you. If you feel good about working with us I can take your credit card info at that meeting. I won't run the payment until you are back home and happy with my service.

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Step 4- Payment, Key Return and Client Questionnaire

After your return I will process your credit card after the services have been completed or can swing by to pick up cash or check payment and return key if needed.  I also like our customers to rate my services with a simple Questionnaire upon return so I can be sure of offering the best service possible to you and new clients in the future.
Step 1- Scheduling Initial Intake Interview
Call me directly at 214-232-1674 or fill out my online form to request a FREE Consultation. You will be asked to specify your preferred date and time for an interview. When I receive the request, I will confirm through email the appointment time and date. You should plan on the interview to take no more than 30 minutes to discuss your pets’ routine and specific needs.